RPG ESSENTIALS: Acrylic Creature Tokens for TTRPGs

Created by Darryl Jones

Hundreds of unique monster tokens for use in your fantasy games! If you missed out on the Kickstarter you still have the options to get some of our items at reduced prices!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Gen Con Recap and Charging Cards
4 days ago – Sat, Sep 16, 2023 at 08:05:20 PM

The sun is getting real low,

As summer comes to a close, I must take a moment to appreciate how amazing it is that I get to work in an industry I truly love.  I also appreciate the moments I got to share with gamers and fans. Of course, I'm talking about GenCon, which was amazing, as usual. All the games I ran were sold out and we had a blast. I was able to show off some of the tokens and people were blown away by the art and the quality of the acrylic tokens. I can't wait for them to get in all of your hands at the end of this year.

Tokens used in a live game at GenCon. I probably should've taken more photos, but when you're in the moment, the focus is on the game!
You might recognize Luke, from the DM lair and Hos, the Dungeon Scribe in this photo!
Luke was stunned by how good the tokens looked.

Date Set for Charging Credit Cards

As mentioned in the last post, charging the credit cards was postponed for Backerkit orders and add-ons. This was due to more than 10% of backers not completing their surveys. I happy to announce that there are less than 10% of incomplete surveys, so we are ready to charge everyone’s credit cards! Credit cards will be charged on October 6th.

Still Complete Those Surveys

Even though we have crossed the threshold needed to charge credit cards, there are still some of you who have not completed your surveys yet. Please complete those as soon as possible. Having those surveys completed will make sure that everything will go as smoothly as it can. I want to ensure that getting the tokens to you will go off without a hitch!

I can't wait for you to be able to use these tokens in your RPG session by the end of the year!

-Darryl T. Jones (aka splatteredink)

Important - Charging Cards via Backerkit Postponed
2 months ago – Tue, Jul 11, 2023 at 03:34:44 PM

Hello Adventurers!

I hope you're having a good summer.  It's flying by for sure. It's hard to believe that it is less than a month until GenCon. I'll be there running some games and showing some of these tokens. GenCon just approved 2 more of my games, so if you missed tickets from the first batch 12 more are coming. Make sure you follow my socials to hear as soon as those tickets become available. You can also keep your eyes on this page: to see when they go live.

The reason for today's message is twofold. 

1 - Our progress is on track and everything is going as planned. Although, there was a slight delay with the samples I requested from the manufacturer, it was resolved quickly. The original delivery date should not be affected. 

2 - I have made the decision to postpone the charging of credit cards for Backerkit orders and add-ons. At present, more than 10% of backers have not completed their surveys, therefore, I will delay the card charging process.

Finish Your Survey As Soon As You Can

We're not quite to 90% completion on surveys. If you haven't completed your Backerkit survey, please do. I want to be over 90%, ideally 95%, before I finalize numbers with our manufacturer. Additionally, if your order includes token sets, please ensure that you have selected your preferred sets. It's crucial to double-check that you've completed this step.

Read this post for instructions regarding filling out your surveys:

Orders have been locked for those who have completed their survey. Thank you! If for some reason you need to edit it, you can contact me. 

Custom Tokens

Most of you who ordered a custom token have reached out to me. Thank you! I'll be wrapping those up next month. 

A Project I Love!

Hos, the Dungeon Scribe has become one of my favorite people in the TTRPG industry. I'm honored to call him a friend. Look for us to be collaborating more in the future, but until then, you have to check out his new project!

Unlock stories that will forge lasting moments with Dungeon Scribe’s - Tome of Magical Oddities, a 5e Supplement.

Dazzled your tables with over 500 uniquely illustrated magic items, directly tied to cards and handouts for ease of table play.

Enjoy massive cards crafted specifically for ease of reading and featuring quick reference icons.

Items should be Magical. Click here to get yours!

Have questions? Reach out!

Leave a comment, e-mail us at [email protected] or join the Discord!

Sincerely, Darryl

Digital prerelease clarification and locking orders
4 months ago – Thu, May 25, 2023 at 08:20:50 PM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

May Update - Digital Prerelease Tokens - New Samples
4 months ago – Wed, May 17, 2023 at 07:11:55 PM

How this spring feels - and it's not slowing down!

I hope you're all having a wonderful spring! 

Prerelease Digital Tokens Are On the Way

I'm pushing out the prerelease digital tokens this week. It's my first time using Backerkit for digital distribution, so hopefully that goes as expected. Keep your eyes on your emails and check spam folders. Also, give the system a few days to work through all the backers before sending a support request. 

As I said during the campaign, this won't be every last token, but most of them.  The others will be released when production begins. 

Due to file size restrictions, each color run is broken into 3 parts. Those of you who backed for DIGITAL 1 of Each, you'll be downloading 3 zip files. For those who backed for DIGITAL 3 of Each, you'll be downloading 9 zip files. 

The spreadsheet has been updated, marking each token with an X to show which are included with this distribution: 

Tarrasque Sample! CHOMP!

I ordered another set of samples! I just had to see the Tarrasque! Enjoy.

These samples will also serve as the tokens for my live games at GenCon this year!

Are you going to GenCon?

GenCon events go on sale Sunday. I'm running sessions from Seeds of Decay again this year! Come say hi! Click here to see my session days and times.

That's all for now! The next time you hear from me will probably be when we near closing the pledge manager! 

Thanks again for all the amazing support,

Darryl T. Jones (aka Splattered Ink)

Surveys Are On the Way!
6 months ago – Thu, Mar 23, 2023 at 06:18:00 AM

Greetings adventurers!

Good news--the smoke tests have gone well; no issues found thus far! This means I can now release surveys to everyone!

Not all surveys are sent from BackerKit as soon as I hit "send". Depending on the number of backers, they may be staggered. Therefore, it may take a little more time for surveys to reach everyone. Please wait a few days to ensure BackerKit has had ample time to send them all. If you don’t receive your survey immediately, that’s completely normal! Thank you for your patience!

When you receive your survey, we ask that you complete them as soon as possible so we can make our orders with the production facility. The longer this step takes the longer we have to wait for the product! We’re looking to get 80% of the surveys filled before production starts so we can ensure we have enough for everyone.

BackerKit Survey Guide

Click the link in your email from Backerkit. That will take you to your unique survey in Backerkit's system where you can increase your pledge level and purchase add-ons.

1) Select your country for shipping and click "Get Started". If you would like to upgrade to a higher pledge tier, locate the link under the "Get Started" button and click that instead. Please note that if you switch pledge levels, add-ons selected on Kickstarter will not be automatically applied to BackerKit.

Select your country, region, and change your pledge level.

2) Please read the question prompts and proceed into the BackerKit "store" (Add-Ons section). These questions will provide additional information on how you will pick sets if have backed for one of those tiers.

3) Once in the store, you’ll see a list of the items included in your Kickstarter pledge to the right of the page. On the left, you’ll see the options for add-ons.

Purchase summary and set selection.

4) Once you've selected all the items you want, click "Next".

5) Enter your shipping address and click "Next".

6) Confirm the provided information is correct, pay for extra add-ons, and click "Confirm".

7) You will see this below once you have completed the survey!

Surveys and addresses will be locked closer to fulfillment so you’ll be able to make changes even after submitting your survey until we let you know otherwise! Payment for outstanding balances will be collected at a later date.

When the surveys go out, I ask that you complete them as soon as possible so I have the most accurate numbers for the production facility. The longer this step takes the longer we have to wait for the product! I want to get 80% of the surveys filled before production starts.

How to Select Your Sets

If you have received your survey, and you pledged for a tier or add-on where you get to pick token sets, make sure you select your token sets. There are two different ways this may be done, depending on your order.

1. Click the Choose Your Sets Here graphic.

Use this link in Backerkit - it is shown here to let you know what to look for.

If you pledged for a base tier that includes the option to pick your token sets, you'll click the above image in Backerkit to pick each of your sets. As you select sets, it will subtract from your pledge total according to the value of the set based on its size. Some sets are double-sized, like the Giants, and will subtract double the value. It should be fairly clear once you get started, but feel free to ask questions if not.

2. Add-on questions

If your pledge has add-ons that include the option to pick your token sets, you'll be presented with a survey question for each set. If you have the 8-Set Add-on, for example, you'll answer eight questions to pick your sets. As an important note: if you pick a double-sized set, like the Giants, it will count as two sets and you'll need to answer one of your set questions with "none".

Shipping will be charged when preorders close.

As I work to build a strong company where I can make amazing games and RPG content for all of you, it's exceeding important that I get this step right. There continues to be fluctuation in shipping prices and interruptions in the global supply chain. In fact, many in the industry believe that much of the supply chain issues will be improved later this year.

This has led me to make the decision to wait until we close preorders to charge shipping. This will ensure the most accurate weights and estimates possible. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Commonly Asked Questions on BackerKit Surveys

Can I upgrade my pledge through the survey?

Yes! When you get your survey hit the button below "Get Started". This will enable you to up your pledge tier in case you've decided you want a different deal!

My payment didn’t go through and I was dropped from the Kickstarter. What do I do?

Don’t panic! You should still receive the BackerKit survey and you’ll be able to pay for your pledge there.

Here are some common reasons why your survey may not have reached you!

Backerkits email sending procedure is staggered. Please wait a few days to ensure BackerKit has had ample time to send them all.

1) Confirm what email address you used to pledge on Kickstarter! The survey will be emailed to that address. If you used a private relay Apple ID to pledge on Kickstarter, you'll need to contact the support team to update your email address with BackerKit.

Please be sure to include your Apple ID email or, if failing that, the name associated with your Kickstarter account in your message to support.

2) Double check your junk/spam folder. Sometimes the filters sweep up our precious survey emails 😠

3) Use this link to resend the survey to your email address!

If after completing all of these steps you're still unable to locate your survey and you’ve waited a few days for it to come in, reach out to support at [email protected] or join the Discord!

I missed the campaign. When will preorders be open? They're now live!

Preorders are now live! If you had a friend or colleague who missed out share this link with them!: 

Orders placed here are considered BackerKit preorders, not Kickstarter pledges, and will ship after we fulfill backer rewards.

Have questions? Reach out!

Leave a comment, e-mail me at [email protected] or join the Discord!

As always,

Darryl T. Jones aka Splattered Ink

Another project I love!

Delve into the Book of Extinction, a groundbreaking D&D 5e supplement that reveals the untold stories of extinct animals. Expertly fact-checked by the Center for Biological Diversity, this bestiary offers a captivating blend of education and fantasy unlike any book out there. Encounter extinct animals with D&D statblocks, as well as magical reimagined versions suitable for adversaries and NPCs. Discover new “endling” races and subclasses for every class, along with a fresh take on classic D&D monsters. Whether you're a curious student or seasoned DM, the Book of Extinction offers an unforgettable journey of science and adventure.

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